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Be Great Today! 4 Savvy Life Hacks

I always end my vlog with my personal mantra, “The world is waiting for your greatness. Be great today.” Every day we have a choice to make. It begins the moment we step foot out of bed and encompasses our... Continue Reading →

5 Key Ways To Set and Keep High Expectations

Day 2 of the 2nd Semester Challenge is all about expectations. Set high expectations that challenge students to be their best. One of my expectation is that in our students do not line up at the door to wait for... Continue Reading →

Increase Your Productivity: Apps for Goal-Crushers

I personally challenge myself to get the most out of each day. Being able to live my purpose and to share my passion fuel this pursuit. There are many of us, busy educators and goal-crushers, who set out each day to... Continue Reading →

Vlog: Plan for the Next 5

The World is Waiting for Your Greatness: Embrace a New Adventure

I think back on my professional career before Twitter and after Twitter and I can honestly say that I am a better professional because of it. Last Friday, just about everyone in North Carolina descended on their local  grocery store... Continue Reading →

One Word. One Vision. One Amazing Year. #OneWord2017

  There are moments throughout the year when I feel grateful for my professional learning network (PLN) and then there are moments like this morning when I felt something shift and I realized how truly blessed I was to be... Continue Reading →

Start 2017 with Promise – 3 Impactful Questions

The Power of 20 Minutes and 3 Questions One of my roles is helping facilitate different pieces of our school leadership team meetings each month. In preparing for December’s leadership team meeting I realized that most of our focus, often... Continue Reading →

What would happen if we only surrounded ourselves with people who sparked our potential and ignited our greatness? How awesome could that be?

This post begins with a sincere thank you to all the educators who continue to stoke their fires of excellence daily and those who are determined not to allow their light to be extinguished. Thank you for all you do.... Continue Reading →

Key Questions for Creating a Clear Focus on Student Success 

Do you have the type of focus that will create the best and clearest picture of student success? Have you ever tried to take a picture but had difficulty getting the focus just right? You had to clean the lens,... Continue Reading →

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