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Leslie Kinard, Ed.S.

The Struggle is Real: How do you comeback in order to fail forward?

One of my favorite quotes is “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” It reminds me that every situation is an opportunity to grow - even in failure. This week has been an interesting week of reflection and questioning. I was... Continue Reading →

Your Perspective Will Alter Your Objective: Dream Big

I’ve been thinking a lot about perspective lately and how perspective can impact our life. What happens when those perspectives are too limited? What happens when your perspective only extends to the next 24 hours or the end of the... Continue Reading →

Vlog Post #5: The Lead, Learn, Connect Approach

The Dawn of a New Day – Understand Your Impact

The dawn of a new day begins the minute you decide to create something different. It begins with the spark of an idea. It begins when you recognize your genius--when you embrace the power of growth mindset. It begins when... Continue Reading →

Preparation: Moving Beyond Lesson Planning

I had the amazing opportunity to share with over 100 educators last weekend at EdCampWake. It was a fantastic day of teaching, learning, and growing! Everything from the welcome to the closing were nothing short of terrific. Brenndan Fetters (@Brenndanfetters)... Continue Reading →

Growth is about Connections

Growth is about Connections I had the opportunity this last week to attend the North Carolina Technology Innovation in Education Society (NCTIES) Conference for the first time. It was an amazing conference with fantastic renowned speakers like Brad Gustafson (@GustafsonBrad),... Continue Reading →

Stay Connected to Teaching and Learning: Go Mobile 

Check out my latest Vlog Post. In 6 minutes or less get an awesome and amazing tip to equipment you to be more present and engaged in leading learning today.  Stay Connected to Teaching and Learning: Go Mobile

Be Great Today! 4 Savvy Life Hacks

I always end my vlog with my personal mantra, “The world is waiting for your greatness. Be great today.” Every day we have a choice to make. It begins the moment we step foot out of bed and encompasses our... Continue Reading →

5 Key Ways To Set and Keep High Expectations

Day 2 of the 2nd Semester Challenge is all about expectations. Set high expectations that challenge students to be their best. One of my expectation is that in our students do not line up at the door to wait for... Continue Reading →

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