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3 Key Ways Dynamic Educators Connect Their Lessons

Here are 3 key ways dynamic educators connect their lessons that will change your practice. Connect your lesson to the standard. Know what you want.  Knowing what you want to get from students and how to get them to demonstrate... Continue Reading →

Creating LIT “I Can” Statements

Creating L.I.T. (Linked, Informative, and Timely) "I Can" statements for students is one of the best things we can do as educators. Great "I Can" statements are closely aligned to the standard and help hold students and educators accountable for... Continue Reading →

Make It Work – A Look at “I Can” Statements for Secondary Teachers

“What are ‘I can’ statements, anyway” and “What’s the big deal?” These are typical questions for most secondary teachers who are trying to figure out how to meet the ever changing demands of education. Most districts are moving away from... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay to Let Go! Gradual Release for Secondary Teachers

Fisher and Frey have written and published a number of resources connected to gradual release of responsibility and have been sharing the benefits of this instructional framework for years. Many of us have benefited from gradual release when we were... Continue Reading →

To Those Who Unclip Our Wings and Encourage Us to Fly

This past week, I had an amazing adventure with someone I've come to consider as more than just a member of my professional learning network (PLN) but a good friend. There are people in your life who spark your greatness... Continue Reading →

Transitions: A Reflection on Moving from Assistant Principal to Principal

Transitions: A Reflection on Moving from Assistant Principal to Principal Principal Thoughts: On the way to my goal of becoming a school principal, I’ve learned quite a few things while realizing that there is always more to learn. That’s the... Continue Reading →

Final Impressions: Ron Clark Academy #MakeSchoolsMagical

Hear an audio version of this post here.  Please understand that I am not a crier. So, when I admit that I was moved to tears not one, not two, but multiple times at the Ron Clark Academy (RCA), I... Continue Reading →

Vlog #6: First Impressions – Ron Clark Academy

May Matters: Achieve your personal best

The last half marathon I ran was one of the most challenging races I’ve ever experienced. The beauty was that it took place in the community that has become like home – High Point, NC. The challenge was that the... Continue Reading →

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