Transitions: A Reflection on Moving from Assistant Principal to Principal

Principal Thoughts: On the way to my goal of becoming a school principal, I’ve learned quite a few things while realizing that there is always more to learn. That’s the beauty of education. It’s an empowering moment when you truly understand that you are your own Van Gogh – masterfully mixing colors and delicately placing each brush stroke across the canvas of your life. We are all masterpieces, yet to be finished- works of art that are still being crafted. Good leaders becoming great and great leaders becoming phenomenal.

For me, realizing my long-time goal was a little surreal. It was almost like watching the events unfold in your favorite movie. I saw myself, in slow motion, get the phone call and offer to do what I’ve dreamed. I was experiencing the joy and excitement of a new beginning paired with leaving a school district and community that I loved. I hadn’t expected an emotional tug of war. A simultaneous mental and emotional shift happened in addition to the physical transition of changing roles, schools, and positions. This is about the time slow motion stopped abruptly and I was immediately thrust into warp speed.

Transitioning from the passenger seat to the driver seat of school leadership reminded me of the day I traded in my hard-earned learner’s permit for a real-life driver’s license. The day my mom put the keys in my hand to our gold Toyota Corolla filled me with both excitement and fear. She placed in my hands a new type of faith in my ability. By placing those keys in my hand, she we also giving me a new level of responsibility for the safety of myself and others. The connection to assuming the school principalship was undeniable. I was thankful to our superintendent, board of education, and the interview committee for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to impact the lives of almost 700 high school students and over 60 staff members. I have no doubt that we will change lives and what is most important to me is that we will create opportunities for students, staff, parents, and community to realize their greatness and step in to opportunities for success.