This past week, I had an amazing adventure with someone I’ve come to consider as more than just a member of my professional learning network (PLN) but a good friend. There are people in your life who spark your greatness and I can honestly say that @mmnixon73 is one of those people.

‘ve spent a lot of time, lately, thinking about the people in my life. I love the quote, “The person you are in five years depends on the books you read and the people you surround yourself with today.” I’m always looking for great books to read but I wanted to pay more attention to how and who I spend my time with. 



As we struck out on what we originally titled, “The Epic Adventures of L & M” and later named “The Weekend of Winning.” As we jumped on a plane to Arizona, put the finishing touches on a fantastic session for the PDK International Educators Rising Conference (@pdkintl, @educatorsrising), headed out to the Grand Canyon, rafted down the Colorado River and journeyed to Nevada, I realized that I’d left my comfort zone long, long ago. I’m so glad I did. We 636027438935386010-2032268997_comfort-zonehad a conversation with some other educators about getting to where the magic happens and that is without question – outside of our comfort zone. We experienced an amazing weekend of wins because of a few key things.

  1. We had a “go big or go home” attitude. Attitude is everything. A positive and determined outlook can take you places you never dreamed. We pushed each other to seize the day and make the most of every moment.
  2. We had a sincere desire to improve future educators by providing them with quality information about social media in education. We set out to engage, inspire, and educate.
  3. We embraced teamwork while valuing each other’s individual talents. High functioning teams understand how to highlight individual strengths and use those skills to reach a shared outcome.
  4. We understood that connections are how we grow and become better. We also approached every connection and interaction as an opportunity to influence a life. A simple smile and greeting go a long way. A dinner with new friends becomes a chance to learn from and with others.

She encouraged me to live outside of my comfort zone and try things that normally I would’ve shied away from.That’s what a great PLN and friend will do. They will help you unclip your wings and encourage you to fly. I hope that I can help others do the same.