“Three things you control every day are your attitude, your effort and your actions to be a great teammate. It doesn’t matter what is happening around you and who you think is being unfair. Every day you can focus on being positive, working hard and making others around you better. If you do that great things will happen.” – Jon Gordon

Imagine the impact it could have on our life and practice if we actively worked at these three things daily.

  1. Your positive attitude
  2. Your effort
  3. Your actions towards being a great teammate and making others better.

One person or group, the principal or administration, doesn’t create school culture. It is the people within the school that create the culture. This year we are working continuously to build a culture that is positive, that values teamwork and collaboration, and that believes the best about our school, our students, our colleagues and our community. Teachers are a vital part of that culture. They help create it. The responsibility of building and sustaining culture lies with each of us. It’s in our attitude, in our effort, and in our actions daily. It’s everything from the school-wide practics, to lesson planning, to supporting hospitality, to being open to change. It’s all those things that help us create a culture where not just staff want to be…but where our students want to be as well.

From <http://jongordon.com/blog/11-thoughts-about-teamwork/>