Can you imagine what your school experience would have been like if all of the educators you had were the GOAT?  
The term GOAT is short for the greatest of all time. This title is reserved for those who outshine all others in their field.  Most of us had at least one teacher, in our memory, who could hold that title and esteem.
I believe that each one of us has the potential to be the GOAT in some aspect of what we get to do for students each day. In thinking about major athletes like Michael Jordan, who is deemed the GOAT by many,  it doesn’t happen overnight.  It took practice, passion, a willingness to learn and grow, wins, losses, and grit. Each week, beginning in July,  I will be sharing an article or blog post with my staff and thought I would include my PLN too!
I invite you to learn and grow with us as we work towards our greatness .
If you have time, leave a comment and tell us which of your teachers was the GOAT.
Celebrating great educators is important. Let’s shout out those who made it happen for us in the classroom too!