Don’t Let It Fizzle

Last year, I read the amazing book One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page. It was a wonderful read, but most importantly it gave me a new way of approaching my life and leadership. My word for 2017 was Care. Over the course of the year,I learned so much about myself but as the year progressed, I realized that my dedication to living my word fizzled. I loved the idea of moving away from New Year’s resolutions (which are typically ineffective) and taking a more simple but intentional approach to life. However, if you’re like me, and you have great intentions and you started out gung-ho with your word and found yourself around April living less of your word then this post is for you.

Because I loved the one word approach so much, I decided to follow the steps in the book and select my word for 2018. However, this is what I’m doing differently. The book talks about accountability and sharing your word with others who will support you living out your word. It also suggested reflecting and keeping your word in front of you. Accountability and having a support group, for me, could have made the difference. Connecting with  a group of people holding me accountable, asking about my progress, who might even have similar words or goals – could have been a game changer in 2017.  This reflection inspired me to create a plan to do just that!

The Plan

For 2018, I’ve decided to begin an Edu One Word Voxer Group. If you’re interested sign up here.

If you’re in several Voxer groups or if this is your first one, this will be low maintenance but high impact! You can be as involved as you want but the minimum would be a brief check in each month. I will post a monthly one word reflection question/topic for members and we will support, encourage, and celebrate one another as we live out our word and see our lives change! I am a true 21st century leader and believe in the power of collaboration and professional learning groups. We are better together. Let’s take One Word 2018 to the next level together!

The world is waiting for our greatness. Let’s be great together!

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