As we leave spring break behind, what message do you want to send to your community of learners? How will you prepare for the final few months of school? How you end is just as important as how you begin! Why not finish strong? You can do it!


We are in the home stretch! Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope you enjoyed time to refuel, relax, and rejuvenate! Our conversation leading up to June will be all about “Finishing Strong.” Champions understand that success is built during practice through proper preparation.


Are your lesson plans ready for your students this week?


The closer we get to the end of the year the more intense and meticulous we must become in our practice/preparation. Our goal is to make every minute of class meaningful. No wasted opportunities! As you prepare for these last few months, I challenge you (as an educator – because you LOVE what you do) to not count down. Every moment is an opportunity to change a life and ensure a student’s success. Don’t celebrate that our time with students is coming to an end. Make it a point to be fully present daily because we get to make a difference. Your work matters. It matters on the easy days but it especially matters on the more difficult ones! Teamwork makes the dream work and we are all in this together.


I will encourage you with these last two thoughts.

  1. Many of our students have a difficult time being on break. Be sensitive to the fact that all of our students experience breaks away from school differently.
  2. Remember your personal calling. Keep embracing your zone of greatness.


 Let’s make this week amazing!

 The world is waiting for your greatness!