I think back on my professional career before Twitter and after Twitter and I can honestly say that I am a better professional because of it. Last Friday, just about everyone in North Carolina descended on their local  grocery store for their bread and milk, as we hunkered down for our impending snow storm. Educators raced to their cars at the ringing of the bell to beat the snow flurries home and we all watched to see just how many inches of snowncsnowchat we would receive. Eight inches of snow, three snow days, and two #ncsnowchats later -here I am.

During our awesome and amazing Twitter chat ideas were shared, connections made, questions answered, and inquiry sparked. That’s one of the amazing things about Twitter chats. Through collaboration and sharing, simple ideas can spark brand new adventures. Phil Echols (@PhilEchols), Kyle Hamstra (@KyleHamstra), and I were discussing vlogging and Phil shared with us his vlog. My fire was lit! Sometimes it only takes a tiny spark to fuel a great adventure. I love YouTube vlogs and follow several connected to fitness, motivation, and leadership. However, outside of Principal Kafele, I didn’t follow any eduvlogs. I decided to go for it. FDR said it best, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” and in the spirit of my #oneword2017 this was a way to share how much I CARE about my work, my students, and our future.

Click here to view Lead.Learn.Grow Vlog Episode 1

I decided that the vlog’s success is the fact that it was released to world. It’s not about how many views it gets (Though views likes and subscribers are always appreciated!). The success is in the adventure, in the experience, and in the sharing of ideas with the world. If it resonates with one person, if it makes one person smile, if it makes someone think differently about an idea than my adventure was not in vain.

The tagline of the vlog embodies this idea and I think more. “The world is waiting for your greatness. Be Great Today!”

Click here to view Lead.Learn.Grow. Episode 2

I hope you enjoy.