There are moments throughout the year when I feel grateful for my professional learning network (PLN) and then there are moments like this morning when I felt something shift and I realized how truly blessed I was to be able to connect and grow with and because of such amazing people. The connections are life changing. I stumbled across the #OneWord2017 movement this morning after reading a blog post by @mccall_kelley. I commented on her fantastic post and followed the hashtag #OneWord2017.  While reading through the different twitter posts, I realized that they were referring to a book One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page. I immediately downloaded the book on Audible and devoured it before I went to work this morning (listening in the car on the way from the gym, in the shower, as I got ready, and as I drove to work). What an amazing way to begin 2017! I’m headed to Barnes and Noble to purchase my hardy copy of the book at lunch!

Don’t wait another minute. Here’s what you need to do. Without question download, purchase, listen and/or read the book, One Word That Will Change Your Life. I found the action plan (though outdated) really useful. Then follow the 3 simple steps outlined in both.

  1. LOOK IN – Prepare your heart.
    • Disconnect and find a quiet place.
    • Ask yourself – What do I need? What’s getting in my way? What needs to go?
  2. LOOK UP – Discover your word.
  3. LOOK OUT – Live your word.
    • Keep you word front and center.
    • Share your one word with a core group of people to support and hold you accountable.
    • Spread the word about #OneWord2017 with others so that they benefit from the process too!


My #OneWord2017 is Care. The word in both the noun and verb form resonated with me. Throughout the year I want to take better care of my family and myself, but to also be intentional in how I care and show that I care for others as well as my work. When you care for or about something you tend to it every day. I think of caring for a child or a garden. Both require love, work, diligence, commitment, resilience and so much more. These things are at the heart of Care. They are all things that over the course of the year as I focus on Care that I hope to grow in my own life. I’m filled with excitement not because of a resolution created (that typically I don’t keep past a few months), but because of one word that I already feel has begun to make an impact in my life. I hope you choose to join #OneWord2017 and begin changing your life and impacting the world.

The world is expecting and awaiting your greatness.