Pernille Ripp

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I dig through Thea, my 5-year old’s backpack, after her first day of Kindergarten.  After all, her new teacher told us to check ever night and I want to be a good parent.  Notes from the PTO, fundraisers, book orders all turn up as I dig and then it happens.  My eyes glance at the sheet in my hand and my heart drops.  A reading log…No, no, no, please not a reading log.  Not in kindergarten, not yet, not now.

I have written about reading logs before; how I used to use them, how I had to use them, what to do instead.  I knew there would be a possibility that Thea would have one at some point.  Never had I thought that time would be now.  Never had I thought that I would have to be “that teacher parent” already.  And so I read it; 15 minutes a…

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