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What It Takes to Be a Great Educator in One Word

What It Takes to be a Great Educator in One Word Heart It takes heart to lead. Whether you lead in your classroom or in the building, it takes heart to make the right decision -- that always seek to... Continue Reading →

The Struggle is Real: How do you comeback in order to fail forward?

One of my favorite quotes is “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” It reminds me that every situation is an opportunity to grow - even in failure. This week has been an interesting week of reflection and questioning. I was... Continue Reading →

Taking the Staff Morale Temperature: It’s October. How are we doing?

Taking the Temperature: It’s October. How are we doing? I was at a workshop yesterday, and we were having a conversation about the fact that being an educator is one of the hardest professions out there. There are so many... Continue Reading →

The 21 Day Writing Challenge – Tell Your Inner Critic to Take a Backseat 

  I was reading a post from @ElitaTorres1 earlier this week that both inspired and challenged me. She blogged about the 21 Day Writing Challenge. I was intrigued but immediately began to question whether this was something I could actually complete. I've always... Continue Reading →

Grow Today…Prepare for Tomorrow 

I got to attend PD today! My approach to professional development is to learn from and with my colleagues but to also exchange ideas with innovative thinkers and great minds. In my opinion that typifies the ultimate professional development experience.... Continue Reading →

​“Who’s the Master” Know Your Purpose

  “Who’s the Master” Know Your Purpose As I begin this post, I fondly remember and am deeply nostalgic thinking back on the 1980’s Berry Gordy classic film, The Last Dragon. Throughout the film, Leroy, the main character is on... Continue Reading →

Are You Get In the Way of Your Success? 

  How are you limiting your forward momentum? Are you unintentionally getting in the way of your destiny? I really think this could turn into a series of posts outlining how our actions and thinking delay our success and simple... Continue Reading →

Ready. Set. Lead. A Half Marathon Approach to Educational Leadership 

  Like many educators, August is a month of both promise and foreboding. The latent future is both beautiful and frightening. This year, more than ever, I’ve worked to master those feelings that for some turn into a frenzied array... Continue Reading →

The Staff Meeting Recipe – Changing the Culture & Making Your Staff Meeting Irreplaceable

If creating an excellent staff meeting was a recipe, what ingredients would you need? A few weeks ago, I decided to work on answering this question. However, I realized that I couldn’t answer it without first defining why staff meetings are important. Staff... Continue Reading →

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