I set a lot of personal goals for 2021 in my effort to #Thrive. Today, I stopped and evaluated my progress. Sometimes in our attempt to be our best, we take on too much. At that point, what we intended for good actually begins to have the opposite effect. Being inundated with a self-inflicted endless to-do list is not thriving. It’s actually counterproductive. Let me be clear. This is not a denouncement of hard work, grinding, or hustle. I believe in all of that. It’s how I live my life, but what I am saying is that there has to be a better way to be progressive, innovative, and to challenge the status quo than by continually drowning in a sea of activity. So tonight, this is my conscious effort to stop, reflect, slow down, and just listen. Part of #thriving is being intentional about the space I take up in this world. It’s dedicating time to being fully present, but it’s hard to be fully present and deliberate when you never slow down. It’s hard to #thrive from a place of exhaustion. 

Embrace the value of less. Consider that you might be able to do more by doing less, thereby adding more value to your life.  Think about it like this less busywork, less time on things that don’t move you closer to your goals, less time with people that don’t add value to your life, less caring about what other people think, and less time worrying about things you cannot control. Today, I acknowledge my place and space.  I take stock of my life and fully value my worth, contributions, and know whether anyone sees them, appreciates them, or values them…Today, I’m ok. Cause I see them. I earned them, and the value and appreciation that I grant myself are even more precious because I know where I’ve come from, and I know the work it took and takes to get where I’m going. Give yourself grace, adjust and move on. Spend some time being still.