a note to my team

We are in the final stretch. I want to challenge you to change your perspective about these final days. Change your thinking. Save a life. How we approach our day, the seriousness of which you approach our work, the attitude we bring to the day has a resounding impact. It can change a child’s life. It has the power to impact and change our lives. With that said, I challenge you to not countdown till summer. Let’s keep track of the number of days we have left to grow students and make each other better. Let’s teach to the last bell (#lastbell). Let’s create a classroom and school environment so that we don’t need a vacation. It is up to us.

change your thinking

Our planning is vital. In our last few weeks to show how much I value the time and intentionality you put into planning, I am committing to provide you feedback and support on plans each week until we reach exams.


  • Plan in Reverse: What should students know and be able to do at the end of 90 minutes?
  • Most Importantly: What proof will students produce or submit to show they met the goal?

Create a Classroom FINAL