The dawn of a new day begins the minute you decide to create something different. It begins with the spark of an idea. It begins when you recognize your genius–when you embrace the power of growth mindset. It begins when you become unafraid to fail and understand that in our failure is opportunity.

What are we waiting on?

Every day that we spend hiding from our greatness is a day that we do not live out our fullest potential. It is a day we don’t impact lives- a missed opportunity.


When will you stop missing opportunities for the sake of comfort?

Great things can happen when we unbridle ourselves from the constrictions of fear and self-doubt. What stopping you? Imagine what could be on the other side of your fear. A new life. A new you. A new opportunity. A new reason to be all in.

The world can’t afford for you to hide anymore. Our students can’t afford for you to live in the shadows of fear.

Understand your impact. 

Take the leap and do something new! The amazing lesson idea you’ve been on the verge of trying could spark student interest and have a resounding impact. That student could invent the newest wave in communication or even cure cancer. The beautiful thing about education is that we can never predict the trajectory of ideas and how they could affect students’ lives and ultimately the future. We hold the promise of innovation, the dawn of a new day, in our hands every day we step in to a classroom and prepare to challenge students to expand their thinking, to create, and to change the world.