“Who’s the Master” Know Your Purpose

As I begin this post, I fondly remember and am deeply nostalgic thinking back on the 1980’s Berry Gordy classic film, The Last Dragon. Throughout the film, Leroy, the main character is on a quest to find “the master.” What he discovers, through his journey, is he had the answer within himself all along. He was the master. How many people, today, are searching for that answer?

Yesterday, I had the honor to learn from Dr. Eric Thomas. If you are not familiar with ET, as he is known, you’ve got to check him out. T.G.I.M Season 13: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLty8xV3EJYSdZt9WCwEQtFCozS-_N3OH2

During his session it was more than motivation. It was life changing. It solidified for me the importance of knowing and living my purpose and the amazing impact my life can have on the world. My work is one way that I leave my mark and say boldly, “I was here.” My purpose is directly connected to school leadership. I know that each day my mission is to challenge myself (as a leader) and my teachers to give their best. Our kids, our future, are depending on our ability to meet their educational needs. That’s an awesome responsibility that I accept because I believe it is my life’s work. It’s honorable and important work.

Before ET began speaking, CJ (his right hand and another dynamic speaker) spoke briefly about being a “master.”  He threw the alley-oop and during the session ET slammed dunked the message. What stood out most, for me, is the idea that as people we may have one talent or many. One of the keys to success is figuring out what single thing (within your skill set) you can “master” and then giving it your all. I’ve committed my life to bettering the educational experience of young people. I do that through growing teachers and students. It’s my area of mastery and what I will give 120% effort and energy.  Our students deserve it. It’s how I will leave my mark and it’s part of of my legacy.

I was here.